Freitag, 8. Januar 2010

Some pointers to articles

Some pointers to articles, already old:

The Ouwi writing system (

This describes, besides an artistic invented language, a non-linear, two-dimensional writing system. It has ten letters made up of four different atomar symbols. The only relevace for identifying a letter is the order of the atomar symbols they're made of, meaning letters can be flipped, rotated or bent at the joints. Letter cannot only be connected horizontally or vertically like in Roman, Arabic and Chinese systems, but also be intersected or be the source of radiation of letters in different directions. It reminded me of the Ilkash writing system which also uses a non-linear 2d system to add more information into symbols and the flow of text (in Ithkuil, the probably non-speakable 'predecessor' of Ilkash, even characters can morph). In contrast to the last two mentioned systems, the Ouwi system is ment to be easily learnt and remembered.

Google's go programming language ( and concurrency in go (
for a quick overview, in case you don't already have an overview.

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